Instant submission of reports via the Internet to services such as the tax service, pension fund, social insurance fund, statistics service, etc. We can submit reports to any Russian branch, regardless of your location. You are only required, after discussing the details, to provide us with reports, then I will do all the work for you. All receipts and protocols you will receive in the near future in any way convenient for you.
 We make and hand over the reporting for regular customers.



Registration of IP or LLC.

We will prepare registration documents for tax.

We will show you which taxation system is beneficial to choose.

Open a bank account for your company.

We will receive registration documents from the tax inspection.

Form the base in the program 1C and enter the primary information.

Setting and integrated accounting and tax accounting for LLC/IP.

Consultations on accounting and tax accounting.

Restoration of accounting and tax accounting.

Calculation of the wage fund and taxes of employees: wages, sick leave, vacation pay, taxes, compulsory health insurance fund, the Russian pension fund, etc.

Annual, quarterly, zero reporting or reporting with turnovers for special tax regimes or general tax regime.

Single submission of one or several reports electronically with or without filling.