IP Senatova Natalya Nikolaevna provides accounting and auditing services for any fields of activity in the territory of Moscow and the Moscow region. I offer companies and entrepreneurs to run a profitable and successful business.


For over 15 years I have been working in a professional environment. I started working as a private accountant and went all the way up to the chief accountant. Then I founded my company and continue to work in this direction.


Scope of activities


We are engaged in providing a variety of services in the field of accounting services.

Fill out and submit accounting and tax reports to the regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation.

We connect entrepreneurs and companies to programs for the delivery of electronic reporting.

Register IP and LLC with the legal address and bank account.


For regular customers, we provide a comprehensive accounting service:

   - detailed study of the specifics of the organization;
   - accounting and tax accounting;
   - input of primary documents into the 1C program;
   - identifying and correcting documentation errors, identifying missing documents;
   - printing of cash documents, advance reports, books of purchases and sales, books of income and expenses;
   - generation and submission of electronic reports and declarations to regulatory authorities;
   - payroll to the director and employees, tax accruals;
   - advice on issues related to accounting, documentation, taxation.